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Dec 30, 2016 · In order of having OpenVPN always on a smartphone, keepalive values have to grow, right now the default value 10 120 will drain the battery quickly: schwabe/ics-openvpn#100. I suggest setting 1800 3600 for keepalive in OpenVPN. Please close this issue if there is a reason against this setting. Regards, OVPN is the transparent VPN provider. Every month we publish a transparency report on our blog where we state the total traffic consumption, server uptime and any spikes in traffic for all our servers in order to prove that we never oversell our services. I am having a rather strange issue with my OpenVPN configuration. I am connecting from Windows 7 with official latest OpenVPN client to my OpenVPN server (OpenVPN 2.1.4 i386-redhat-linux-gnu). The How to set up OVPN on Windows . Our easy and secure VPN client is the best and fastest way to ensure your security online. The VPN client works on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Hi, the openvpn(8) manpage contains the following text:. 1587 For example, 1588 .B \-\-keepalive 10 60 1589 expands as follows: 1590 1591 .nf 1592 .ft 3 1593 .in +4 1594 if mode server: 1595 ping 10 1596 ping-restart 120 1597 push "ping 10" 1598 push "ping-restart 60" 1599 else 1600 ping 10 1601 ping-restart 60 1602 .in -4 1603 .ft 1604 .fi For anyone wondering where to find more info about this format; see the INLINE FILE SUPPORT section of the openvpn command man page.. The docs for the config file are the same as the docs for the commandline options: OpenVPN keepalive? Close. 4. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. OpenVPN keepalive? Is there a way to keep-alive a Client VPN connection? Mine goes down occasionally and

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Method 2. Configure OpenVPN® connection by yourself . 1. Open the configuration file that was automatically downloaded to your device with any text editor and create separate text files - ca.key, cert.key, key.key. Paste the appropriate data from the .ovpn file to the corresponding text file. # Sample OpenVPN configuration file using a pre-shared static key # Port to use: 1194 is the official IANA port number port 1195 # Use a dynamic tun device. dev tun # Remote peer and network remote route # Configure local and remote VPN endpoints ifconfig # The pre-shared static Introduction OpenVPN allows client computers to tunnel into a server over a single UDP or TCP port securely. This HOWTO article is a step-by-step guide that explains how to create the server and client OpenVPN configuration files that makes this possible.

Mar 13, 2018 · I love being able to jump back into my home network via OpenVPN, it’s much more secure, easier to set up and is supported by quite a few high-quality clients across all platforms. OpenVPN server…

# The keepalive directive causes ping-like # messages to be sent back and forth over # the link so that each side knows when # the other side has gone down. # Ping every 10 seconds, assume that remote # peer is down if no ping received during # a 120 second time period. keepalive 10 120 How do I make OpenVPN Connect honour the keepalive setting The OpenVPN pushes the ping 600 and ping-restart 1800 (as a result of the keepalive statement) perfectly fine to the client. Disconnect reason is as quick as 40 seconds after connection on idling, reason: Session invalidated: KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT. That does not make sense to me. Server version: 2.1.3 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (Debian version 2.1.3-2 OpenVPN - MikroTik Wiki