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How to protect and unprotect your Tweets - Twitter How to protect your Tweets In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon. Tap whichever icon you have and select Settings and privacy. Tap Privacy and safety. Delete Twitter: How to delete your Twitter account permanently Mar 27, 2020 How to Unblock “Potentially Sensitive Content” on Twitter Aug 22, 2019 What Happens When I Block Someone on Twitter - Twitter Facts

How to Clear Your Twitter Stream of Spam

Can you block someone on twitter but still follow them Yes, Twitter has changed its blocking policy. Now, it says, "if you block another user, that user will not know that you have blocked them."With this new policy, unless your account is protected, the blockee can still follow you, add you to lists, see your tweets in his timeline, etc. The blockee can see everything! How to Hide Likes on Twitter - Tech Junkie

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