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How to Encrypt/Decrypt files and byte arrays in Java using Dec 15, 2019 Using Intel® AES-NI to Significantly Improve IPSec PCLMULQDQ, used for optimizing GCM implementations. This paper investigates the potential performance gains that are possible by creating an AES-NI-GCM implementation within the Linux kernel cryptographic framework using the new instructions. (Assembly code implementation of AES-NI-GCM … Implementation of AES-GCM encryption algorithm for high

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The encryption key size generated in the above code is 256 bits (32 bytes) and it configures the AES-GCM cipher as AES-256-GCM. If we change the key size to 128 bits or 192 bits, we shall use AES-128-GCM or AES-192-GCM respectively. The output from the above code looks like this: Next Generation Cryptography - Cisco

Recommendation for block cipher modes of operation: Galois

Oct 31, 2018