The file size is then divided by the upload time to calculate your upload speed. Your latency is measured in the test as well. Latency is also known as lag time, and a high number is a bad thing here, folks. To test for latency, a signal known as a ping is sent from your computer to your internet server, which then boomerangs back to your computer.

“Lipstick on a pig”: Time Warner Cable “deceived the FCC Feb 02, 2017 Time Warner Cable, Inc. Credit Rating - Moody's Time Warner Cable, Inc. - Notes and debentures issued under Indenture dated as of April 9, 2007. Coupon and maturity range: 3.5% - 8.75%, 2012 – 2039. See Appendix … I have logged Time Warner Cable speed tests every 30 Time Warner Cable oversells the bandwidth they can provide. I am paying for 200 mbit download and 20 mbit upload, yet I have only received that bandwidth on one test, and never have my downloads been able to show the 25 mbyte speeds that equates to 200 mbits, or even close.

Ping. ms. Jitter. ms. IP Address: If you are using the time warner cable for the internet, and want to check the speed of it then you are at right place. I welcome you to perform the time warner speed test here. Your test results are one click away from you. Click on the start test button and get the detail information of your internet service.

The setup is simple. 1. Remove your current cable modem. 2. Put this one in it's place. 3. Hard-wire it to a laptop or a desktop (yellow cable to the yellow port on back of cable modem, the other end to the internet port on your laptop or desktop. 4. Power on the modem (making sure you have already connected the coaxial cable as well. “Lipstick on a pig”: Time Warner Cable “deceived the FCC Feb 02, 2017 Time Warner Cable, Inc. Credit Rating - Moody's

After about an hour of the modem being on, ping times to google DNS servers are typically over 500ms. A fresh reboot of the modem will bring that back down to ~30ms for a bit. I have called and complained and they sent out a tech who reran all the coaxial cable with no success.

Time Warner Cable made some major network upgrades in 2014, tripling its top Internet speeds in some markets from a 100Mbps download tier to 300Mbps. As with all the major cable ISPs, this high-speed coverage is very uneven, but it's clearly the way the industry is going - especially in places where TWC sees competitors like RCN and FiOS able 2020 Spectrum Speed Test & Statistics | See real world download speeds for Charter Spectrum based on over 48.4M speed tests from verified users over the past 12 months. See everything from download speed, to … Packet loss on all Spectrum Services - Time Warner Cable