You can control who can see your contact info right from your profile: Click in the top right of Facebook.; Select See your profile.; Click About and click Contact and Basic Info in the left menu.

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How to hide your phone number on Facebook. Prevent your

You can decide to hide your caller identification when calling somebody. This will ensure that the person receiving your call won’t be able to see your phone number and name. Note that when sending text messages your caller identification will not be hidden. 1. Touch Phone → More options → Settings → Call → More settings. 2. Touch U can’t make ur phone number invisible on imo, it is the primary thing that u need to run imo. However if u want to use imo anonymously there are some other ways, the best solution according to me is that get an unknown number and register ur imo 3 Methods to Hide Your Phone Number When Calling Method 1. Hide Caller ID from Phone’s Settings. This method is different for each model or brand. But for an Android phone this is how to make a private call: Open the Phone app. If your phone is one of the newer models, tap the three dots on the top right corner of your screen. We want to ensure you have all the steps needed to make a call without your number showing, Laura53. For any phone model, you would dial *67 before the number you are calling to block your number.

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