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Kenneth van Wyk: The good and bad of Android and iOS Kenneth van Wyk: The good and bad of Android and iOS Indeed, today's iOS devices all do whole-disk encryption in addition to encrypting every file on the file system. That encryption is AES basic_ios::good - C++ Reference eofbit, failbit and badbit are member constants with implementation-defined values that can be combined (as if with the bitwise OR operator). goodbit is zero, indicating that none of the other bits is set. Parameters none Return Value true if none of the stream's state flags are set. false if any of the stream's state flags are set (badbit, eofbit or failbit). The Best News Apps for Android and iOS | Digital Trends

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Good's client base includes those with high security needs, such as government agencies and financial institutions. Good's security products offer customers a way to migrate from the BlackBerry platform to iOS, Windows Phone and Android. In fall 2013, Good opened offices in Benelux and Stockholm. Too Good To Go - fight food waste, save great food - Apps Jul 13, 2020 GoodSync Server for iOS GoodSync Explorer for iOS. GoodSync Explorer for iOS has two main components: Server makes your device discoverable from any other device running GoodSync Connect. App registers your device in GoodSync Connect network and serves file from your device to GoodSync Connect desktops and devices.. Explorer allows you to Explore of any remote computer running GoodSync Connect. Good for Enterprise: iOS