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Jul 26, 2015 Bad Endings | Facade Wiki | Fandom In Facade, there are many possible endings; there is one "good" ending, and there are six alternate "bad" endings. This is a list of the "bad" ending scenarios and how they may be achieved. This ending is the easiest to get, and is achieved by simply pressing the elevator button and leaving. After pressing the button, the screen will fade, and then the game over screen will appear. will I get laid - Facade

Facade (A Hunter X Hunter Fanfiction) Fanfiction "Normal" is when you are a replica of everyone else. "Normal" is where everybody stands as the same person. "Normal" is who everybody accepts as one of them. . . . "Normal" Is not when you get shoved out of nowhere by your long lost dad and have to

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Facade - GameSpot Jul 05, 2005 Play Facade on Stencyl Facade. by tart3rsauc3. Sign in to rate this game. To play this game, install Adobe Flash Player. If Flash is already installed, enable JavaScript. Description. No description provided by author. 4 Comments. saundersmo lol i can't get past the Facade Download - softpedia Download Facade - This is an artificial intelligence-based experiment in electronic narrative. Enjoy! Facetex-Print - Textile Facade with Tensioned Membrane