Samsung S10+ - Change country settings to Australia

To change country, use Change your Google Play country for help. Read also The Basics of Fixing Google Play Store Problems and How to Change Country/Region in Google Play Store Some have success using Contact Google Play support Read the very helpful response from Heather Perry (marked "Recommended Answer") here How To Change Your Country Service On Google Search? So, this how you can change Google Search country on your PC, Android or iOS devices. The update has been implemented for Google Search on the desktop and mobile, Google Search iOS app, and Google How to Change Google Play Store Country On Android Phone

2020-7-20 · To change the currency format in Google Doc Spreadsheet to Rs., follow the below steps. Go to File->Spreadsheet Settings. Choose your country under “Locale” and under “Time Zone” your countries time zone. For example, I’ve selected India under “Locale” and “GMT +5:30” under “Time Zone”. Then Save Settings.

How do I change my country? | Sonos Community I originally bought my sonos in Belgium. Now that I live in the US I want to use some services available here, and to do so I believe I need to change my profile/address to the USA. However when I try to edit my profile the country cannot be altered. Any advice appreciated! Change your Apple ID country or region - Apple Support 2020-7-20 · Spend any store credit remaining on your Apple ID. Learn what to do if your remaining store credit is less than the cost of a single item.; Cancel any subscriptions, including Apple Music, and wait until the end of the subscription period.; Wait for any memberships, pre-orders, movie rentals, or Season Passes to complete, and wait for any pending store credit refunds to process.

2020-7-18 · Finally persuaded my Nexus 4 to change from Australia to UK. Changed home address, credit card to UK in Google Wallet (do it on a PC instead of your phone – there seem to more options there). Went to Settings->Apps->All->Google Play Store on the phone and cleared the data/cache, restarted the phone… and it made no difference.

To change the country on your Google Account: Visit the Google Accounts homepage and sign in to your account.; Click the Edit link next to 'Email addresses.'You'll then have the option to edit the information in the 'Country' field.