Dec 31, 2012 · Hi, I have a 7965 phone outside the trusted network. The user had a failed connecting to the ASA when attempting to login with their username and password and was presented with softkeys "retry" and "disable". The user selected "disable". Now when I go to settings > security configuration > VPN c

Cisco IP Communicator – Office of Information Technology Cisco IP Communicator is a multi-line, Windows PC-based softphone application that lets you use an NC State supplied computer or laptop to make premium calls. With a Bluetooth or USB headset, USB speakerphone, or laptop mic/speakers, and Cisco IP Communicator, you can easily access any NC State phone number and voicemail. Cisco - Phone: 8811 Quick Reference Guide - CallTower Cisco - Phone: Change Ringtone on 8800 Series Phones Cisco - Phone: 8800 Series Quick Start Guide Cisco - Phone: Cisco IP Phone 8861 Enhance Experiences with Personal Mobile Devices Cisco - Phone: IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module Add Scalability and Increase Responsiveness Cisco - Phone: Troubleshoot 8811 VPN Enabled Phone Cisco IP phone over site to site VPNexternal calls work Internal office using cisco IP phones with CME. All external traffic routed through ASA. Remote site has another ASA with a working site-to-site VPN established. IP phone at remote site boots up properly and registers with remote CME. All outside calling works fine with 2-way audio, incoming and outgoing.

I believe Cisco only supports two methods of direct remote phone connectivity: SSL VPN through AnyConnect (limited to ASA, this uses the built-in VPN client on the phone). Expressway/MRA through newer 78xx/88xx model phones.

Cisco - Phone: Troubleshoot 8811 VPN Enabled Phone Within the "Phone Details," you will see "Model Type:" where it should say, "Cisco Remote Phone-VPN Enabled" If the phone is not built as a VPN enabled phone, you will need to delete the phone and rebuild it as a VPN Phone. The phone will need to be staged on a CallTower hosted circuit, switch, or ASA before being sent to the remote location.

May 27, 2020

NOTE: When configuring a VPN phone at one of their office locations the TFTP server should automatically populate with the correct Cluster IP. 9. The phone will prompt you to erase the trust list, select erase. 10. The phone will now register, this may take a few minutes. 11. VPN Configuration on SPA525G/SPA525G2 IP Phone - Cisco Dec 12, 2018