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The sender tries to adjust its own send buffer size to the one received and acknowledges by setting a special descriptor flag in the header of the next outgoing block. Design and implementation of the fast send … Modifying a socket's send/receive buffer sizes - Python Note that we need to set up the send and receive buffer size separately. Listing 1.8 shows how to modify socket send/receive buffer sizes as follows: Copy #!/usr/bin/env python # Python Network Programming Cookbook, Second Edition -- Chapter - 1 # This program is optimized for Python 2.7.12 and Python 3.5.2. # It may run on any other version Buffer size when receiving data through a socket? - Python Jun 27, 2008 DAW Setup: Sample Rate, Buffer Size, and Bit Depth

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A larger buffer size might delay the recognition of connection difficulties. Consider increasing the buffer size if you are transferring large files, or you are using a high bandwidth, high latency connection (such as a satellite broadband provider.) Applies to c++ - What is the size of a socket send buffer in Windows

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You can change the size of the receive and the send buffer as follows (send buffer shown): There is a known bug in Linux that reports the current buffer size as 1/2 the set value. I can't remember if the internal value is 1/2 of what was requested, or whether the report is 1/2 of what it really is. How To: Network / TCP / UDP Tuning This will display your current buffer settings. Save These! You may want to roll-back these changes; Type: sysctl -w net.core.rmem_max=8388608 This sets the max OS receive buffer size for all types of connections. Type: sysctl -w net.core.wmem_max=8388608 This sets the max OS send buffer size for all types of connections.