Jun 21, 2018

Google Play Subscriptions Follow New articles New articles and comments. Restore Purchase - Android; I want to cancel my Google subscription; Manage XTRA Subscriptions with Google Pay; Upgrading to XTRA using Google Pay* Help Center. English (US) Google Play now lets you easily manage subscriptions with Jun 21, 2018 How to cancel a Google Play subscription? How to cancel a Google Play subscription on Android device? To unsubscribe on your Android, first, open Google Play Store. Tap a button at the top left corner of Google Play app, then select "Subscriptions" item in the side bar to view all available subscriptions.

How To Cancel A Subscription On Google Play Store

Jul 22, 2020 How do I locate and manage my Google Play subscription Under Subscriptions, choose HISTORY Vault to view, edit or update your subscription. If do not see an active HISTORY Vault subscription in your Google Play account, you may have subscribed on …

Android. All android subscriptions can be managed within Google Play, so you will be able to cancel or change your subscription settings there. For more information on how to manage your Google Play subscription for Tap, please have a look at Google’s Article for a step-by-step process.. More information on Tap Premium for Android users:

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Google Play Music Trial or Google Play Music is the must have music player for android device. It lets you play music offline (from your mobile device) or online (direct from online music library). Recently, Google has launched online music subscription service in India. It has already been started in the USA and other countries a … How to Cancel a Subscription on Google Play Store - Blog