How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone (iPhone X, iPhone 8

ios - Content blocker (adblocker) for iPhone 5 - Software I'm looking for a content blocker, or failing that an adblocker for iPhone 5. Now I wouldn't ask this question here without a little research. All the adblockers (free of charge and paid) which I found required iOS 9.x (which I have) and an iPhone 5s (which I don't have). The important point is, that the iPhone 5s was - to my knowledge - the first iPhone with a 64-bit CPU. How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone (iPhone X, iPhone 8 Jul 29, 2019

Nov 30, 2018

Nov 30, 2018 · This app is the best free ad blocker in the app store, it'll block ads from websites, games, youtube, pandora, and every other app you have. How To Block All Ads FREE-2019-on iPhone/iOS

How to remove and block ads on your Apple iPhone 5 - Phone

From the menu along the top of the Safari window, choose Safari > Preferences. The keyboard … Ghostery Makes the Web Cleaner, Faster and Safer!